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Get her style secondthread blog post - StylmK in Lavish Alice


Every month we will be introducing a blogger (or in this case two) who we love, to share styling inspiration and tips and tricks on finding your own style and rocking it with confidence.

First in our series of Get Her Style, we have double the fashion fix with this style savvy duo - introducing Sharon and Mandeep of fashion blog StylmK.

With their minimalistic style, they play with modern silhouettes and simplistic accessorising to create effortless looks with the perfect attention to detail. StylmK have quite the busy lifestyle, holding down full time jobs while managing their blog. We know a #girlboss when we see one and today we are delving into all things StylmK to give you a behind the scenes look at these stylish, independent sisters.


Read our interview below to find out more.


How did you begin your blogging journey?

To begin with we had separate Instagram accounts where we would post outfits once or twice a week. We started to receive a high volume of messages from other girls asking us for advice on outfits and noticed the same people would message us separately. 

We launched StylmK in September 2015 via a Wordpress site as a means to articulate our style and give people a written and visual insight into how we go about putting an outfit together. We had no tools or understanding of how to go about blogging, as none of us are particularly technology savvy, but we have been learning as we go along and feel this reflects in the evolvement of our posts and pictures.

With the market so saturated we think it is important for any first time blogger to go in with something different; there are not many sisters that we know of who are pursuing blogging together, especially in the Indian community, so you could say we saw a gap in the market. With almost identical taste in clothes and not much of an age gap we thought it would be easier for young girls to relate to our style.



How would you describe your personal style?

Minimalistic, with a focus on cut and material. 

We appreciate pieces that embody the perfect balance between sexy and elegant without being too busy on colour. Dressing for occasions is when we are able to express our style the most; we find there is a huge gap in the market for garments that are well tailored and hold a luxury look but accessible in price. We cannot remember the last time we went out and didn’t have to cut, chop or screw a high street garment/accessory to make it more topical and striking!


Who or what inspires your style?

Essentially we find inspiration in the creativity of others and how they go about reinventing timeless pieces with looks they envisage would work well. In particular; Minimalism, Oversized, Intricate knit, Silk, Mesh, Plunging necklines, Privative tailoring, Delicate lace and Antique gold are all elements that evoke our inspiration time and time again. Specifically we relate our style most to: Margaret Zhang & Monica Rose; they work with pieces that have an interesting cut and contemporary finish all the while diminishing the need for big accessories. 


Name your top 3 brands right now and tell us why?

Lavish Alice



All three brands have a similar theme – they work with a minimalistic palette of nudes, camels and creams and focus on making a statement with cut and movement; clothing is to the point and edgy in a way that does not bare too much.


Get her style secondthread blog post - StylmK in Lavish Alice


Name your 3 favourite trends for S16

Chokers and Chunky Chains 

Silk underwear as outwear 

Off Shoulder tops/oversized dresses


Besides being stylish babes, what does your day-to-day entail?

Most of our weekdays are consumed through having full time jobs in the city; Sharon is a Sales Executive and Mandeep is a Senior Account Manager. We work on our blogs in the evening, most weekends and any other spare time we can get our hands on.

A lot of people find it shocking that we have full time jobs, but we can definitely see why – Instagram can make peoples life’s look seemingly glamorous but there is a lot of hard work and dedication that goes on in the background. Essentially we do everything ourselves - shoots, styling, editing, you name it. More times than not you would catch us at home in our PJ’s writing content for the blog, styling outfits or, with the help of mum, cutting up old pieces of clothing to make something new (a choker if it doesn’t go to plan!)


    Get her style secondthread blog - Stylmk in Lavish Alice Name 3 styling items you couldn’t live without?

    Chokers – our favourite ones are homemade from left over materials 

    Baggy Knits 


    A pair of well-fitted White Tulip trousers 



    Out of all the powerful and influential women out there, who inspires you the most and why?

    Jessica Alba- not stopping at a successful Hollywood career, she pursued a niche in the market and put her time and effort into creating the ‘honest’ brand which has admirable ethos.

    Simone Kang- our older sister. She has such a great work ethic and we can always measure ourselves against her to see if we are doing enough. She extremely supportive and always on hand emotionally or physically to help us make our dreams and ideas a reality.


    One piece of fashion advise you’d give?

    Do not follow fashion, follow your own individual style. Understand your body shape and what colours flatter you and use fashion trends to enhance your look, all the while remembering what you like to wear. When you run out of inspiration think of one item/accessory in your wardrobe you are most excited about wearing and use that as a basis to create the entire ensemble. 

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